The Process

Running is not simply an event to participate in. It is a process.

Two miles into a five mile run, you are ready to call it quits. You’re tired, hungry, or just plain sick of it.

Or maybe you’re still staring at your running shoes, debating whether or not you should lace up in the first place.

We have all been there.

But the key to being a true “runner” isn’t winning a race. It is channeling your inner athlete and battling your sluggish thoughts.

Good training is essential, helping runners get through fatigue, pain, self doubt, and for us in central Ohio, bad weather. But when a runner hits the wall and that proverbial finish line is still a distance away, we have to tap into something within ourselves to keep going.

This is where motivation comes into play. Some motivation comes from within – it is fueled by joy in the activity or in the sense of accomplishment that results. There is also that external motivation coming from outside factors, such as wanting a medal or accolades from friends.

It is in the most difficult moments that we must believe that the light of motivation will kick on. Sometimes, the only means of traveling towards that light, and thus, getting out of our own way of frustrations and fears is to learn how to trust the process.

Let yourself come apart and unravel. This is how you recreate yourself. You have to fall apart to be put back together better.

When I’m approaching the edge of exhaustion, frustration, or desperation, I have to let myself be broken. I have to allow myself to be shattered into a thousand tiny pieces that fly across the room. There’s no way I could ever put them back together in the same way.

Nor would I want to.

Each time I am galloping toward one of these life-changing moments, I must stop thinking from my mind and do all things from my heart. I need to get out of my own way so that I can trust and believe and know that all is as it should be. It is all part of the process.

The more I let go and trust the process, the more I am supported to what my heart truly desires – that is to feel significant…to feel worthy…to feel as though I can accomplish what I set my heart (and mind to). Then the light of motivation propels me forward.

Yet so few people reach a place of trusting a process that can self-actualize you. It takes courage. It takes letting go of control. It is in that space that the pieces come back together again, in a stronger, more solid, and artful way.

Take the time to believe in yourself, allowing things to flow without manipulation or questioning, and continue to give your best self, showing up to life. You will be captivated by the magic that unfolds by simply trusting the process and staying true to your own heart.


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